It is a long way to produce a shoe. We want to take you on a journey. From the first idea through the conception and the prototypes. 

We want you to be involved in this progress. Join us.





Last week we at POULS started our Sneaker development in Cooperation with the guys from Studio KRB in Berlin. 

Our target is to create sneaker, you want to wear every day. In the next couple of weeks, you can follow our progress from ideation to prototyping.


We want to start a dialogue with you guys. We want to show you sketches, screenshots from the CAD-design and the research for materials and patterns.


The sneakers must represent the philosophy of the company.  High-Quality-Materials and Added Values lift the shoes on another new level.


It all starts with a stroke. Last summer we sat together, to discussed the next steps of our sneaker development. Finally, we can talk about that part of POULS. Stay tuned.